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Meaning of Btontsneai

Abstention anagram from Btontsneai means: The trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)

Meaning of Lialaeks

Alkalise anagram from Lialaeks means: Turn basic and less acidic

Meaning of T acaeailopsxf t

Capital of texas anagram from T acaeailopsxf t means: State capital of Texas on the Colorado River; site of the Univer

Meaning of Tpla- ilontocsar

Castor-oil plant anagram from Tpla- ilontocsar means: Large shrub of tropical Africa and Asia having large palmate lea

Meaning of Oekev

Evoke anagram from Oekev means: Call to mind

Meaning of Oonielpxs

Explosion anagram from Oonielpxs means: The terminal forced release of pressure built up during the occl

Meaning of Ns scuujunge

Genus juncus anagram from Ns scuujunge means: Type genus of the Juncaceae; perennial tufted glabrous marsh pla

Meaning of Aifntn

Infant anagram from Aifntn means: A very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to wa

Meaning of Eranaseisinblv

Invariableness anagram from Eranaseisinblv means: The quality of being resistant to variation

Meaning of Ydnmtelboei

Molybdenite anagram from Ydnmtelboei means: A mineral resembling graphite that is valued as the chief source

Meaning of esiamslagascup

Musical passage anagram from esiamslagascup means: A short section of a musical composition

Meaning of Cnpootrterlian

Nonprotractile anagram from Cnpootrterlian means: Not extensile

Meaning of Papsethho

Phosphate anagram from Papsethho means: Carbonated drink with fruit syrup and a little phosphoric acid

Meaning of Rptpnaoerai

Preparation anagram from Rptpnaoerai means: The cognitive process of thinking about what you will do in the

Meaning of Pytmtmiorymd s oelrasa

Pyramidal motor system anagram from Pytmtmiorymd s oelrasa means: Any of the important motor nerves on each side of the central ne

Meaning of Anrtgni

Ranting anagram from Anrtgni means: A loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion

Meaning of Mtsnnteie

Sentiment anagram from Mtsnnteie means: A personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or ce

Meaning of Rshdew

Shrewd anagram from Rshdew means: Acting with a specific goal

Meaning of Yslmi asafil

Sisal family anagram from Yslmi asafil means: Chiefly tropical and xerophytic plants: includes Dracenaceae (Dr

Meaning of Kglnuisc

Suckling anagram from Kglnuisc means: A young mammal that has not been weaned

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